Secure the long-term success of your business through to-the-point contracts that takes the con out of confusion, merging interests to generate higher outputs. Our drafting services are offered through fixed prices presented in clear-cut quotes, each quote including a 30 minute advisory session to establish assignment frameworks*.

*if no order is issued, the meeting will be defined as an advisory meeting and charged as such.


Our mission being your success makes it easy for us to cut to the line and get rid of the weed obstructing your view. Through our advisory service you'll have access to highly qualified legal guidance that is required to generate growth, quickerThe service is accessed either on demand, charged hourly at a rate of 1495,00 SEK per initiated hour, or through our subscription service.


On demand counsel as an affordable service can prove to be a valued asset, and through subscribing to our advisory service, we discount our rate so to fit 90 minutes of legal guidance into 1495,00* a month. That's more bang for the buck, granting you the expertise required for a successful take of and landing. For this service, our General Terms apply.

*Swedish SEK, excluding VAT.