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We are business law Firm

"In carrying out assignments for A Good Choice, Legafy has demonstrated outstanding competence and expertise in handling business law issues with a great deal of positive energy and joy."
- Peter Gummesson, CEO - A Good Choice  


"The legal equivalent of ibuprofen, that is what comes to mind when I think about Legafy's services in regards to our legal needs. In dealing with our IP-sensitive organisation, Legafy exhibits both deep-rooted knowledge and super speedy efficiency, making it easy for us to recommend their services to medtech startups everywhere." - Petter Barreng, CTO - Videm.  

With a passion for


Our work

We handle every aspect of the legal process. From creating complex legal structures for the long-term growth of newly founded Startups to the setting up of the legal foundation necessary for the continued growth of established companies; no task is beyond our scope. With the temporary exclusion of tax law, we strive to provide our clients with everything they need within the legal framework, with a small sample provided below:

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 11.57.19 (2).png

"Legafy is one of the kind. For Emigreat, having access to legal advice on the go has made a big difference while setting our legal framework. Legafy shows a deep understanding of the needs of a startup. No matter if it is about fundraising, equity, GDPR, IP or any question that starts with "what is the legal way to...?" (you can fill in the blank). Making a supergrowth company is never easy, you need to have skilled people on your side, and Legafy is that, an essential part of our extended team. Highly recommend it!" - Anali Guzman Molina, CEO, Emigreat

  • General Terms & Conditions

  • NDA's

  • Letter's of intent

  • Consultant Agreement

  • Share Acquisition Agreement

  • Regulation of IP rights in relation to seed investments

  • Shareholders Agreement for Seed-investment.

  • Subscription Agreement for Seed-investment.

  • Seed Investment Execution

  • Qualified Stock Option Programmes

  • Production agreement

  • Sale & Supply agreement

  • Privacy Policies

A legal subscription

we offer

  • Legal on Demand

    1 495kr
    Every month
    90 minutes of Legal Expertise/month
  • Legal on Demand Pro

    2 988kr
    Every month
    3 hours of Legal Expertise/month
  • Legal on Demand x 5

    4 980kr
    Every month
    5 hours of Legal Expertise/month

Getting started

Our services are offered via a low-cost legal service subscription. If you want to get in on the hype, chose your plan from above and go through the registration process in order to set up your account. It is through that account that you will be able to schedule appointments and keep check on how many hours you have available.

Need more expertise?

No worries, our pricing follows a linear curve, so as long as we have the capacity to offer you more time, then that's what we'll do.

Contract drafting

If you are looking for a contract to be drafted or peer-reviewed, reach out to us in order to schedule a cost-free 30 minutes appointment whereby we set up the framework for the assignment, followed by a price-friendly quota.

Sweet stuff, we'll reach out in no time!

Let's connecT

The Founder

My Post-7.png


Who saw that the legal landscape could need a remodelling and jumped on the opportunity. Practicing law is about wielding a tool of enormous potential, and to do it right means combining it with the mindset of a twenty-first century entrepreneur. That's how Legafy came to be, and its mission is to make it possible for everyone to succeed within their chosen field of business, no matter what that might be. 

My personal obligation towards all my clients is to accept the trajectory of their journey as a direct result of my work, sharing in the celebration of success and learn from moments of failure, whenever they may occur.

I strive to make your journey one of success and to have a great time while in the process of making it possible. I hope that gives you enough courage to trust me with the center of your everyday universe, and maybe we'll talk soon?


For the benefit of all entrepreneurs


Boden Gamecamp Incubator creates conditions for talent to take their game to market. Legafy assists with a large resource management for legal purposes that there is a great need for in the gaming industry


In partnering up with Legafy, the Brewhouse Incubator provides its entrepreneurs with access to legal expertise at an affordable price, supplementing the organization with a vital component in the process of creating successful and long lasting businesses

HighFive & Legafy has started an exciting collaboration that strengthens the incubator part by facilitating the creation of sustainable companies and provides increased security in the entrepreneurs' ventures.


Legafy provides the Start Ups at Innovatum Science Park with legal expertise, a high-value asset that's vital in the process of designing and executing the ideas of bright and bold founders & entrepreneurs.

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