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General Terms


These general terms (the "Terms" / "Agreement") regulate the rights and obligations arising from the use of the services (the "Services") offered by Legafy Law AB via and (the "Website"). The agreement clarifies the rights and obligations you as a client and user of our services (the "Client") have in relation to the provider Legafy Law AB (the "Provider") as well as the measures we can take insofar as you do not comply with the obligations arising from the use of the services.


Your rights in relation to the collection of personal data for the provision of the services and the functions of the Website can be found under "Privacy Policy".  


During your use, it is important that you understand the rights and obligations that govern your use. These General Terms apply at such point whereby you access our services, either through verbal communication in regards to our advisory service (the "Advisory Service") our by accepting an offer of drafting services (the "Drafting Service") as presented by an authorised representative of Legafy Law AB.


Legafy offers the Client the Advisory Service, which is provided either through verbal or written means of communication, and the Drafting Service which is provided through written means (the "Services"). The Advisory Service is furthermore provided through a subscription service (the "Subscription Service"), subject to terms and conditions as stated below.

The Advisory Service consists of legal guidance provided through verbal or written means of communication, each hour of commenced service charged at the rate of 1495,00 SEK.

The Drafting Service consists of legal documentation provided through means of digital written medium, each drafting process subject to individual pricing, timeframe and further specification as detailed in the quote presented to the Client.

The Subscription Service

The Subscription Service allows the Clients to access the Advisory Services at a discounted rate, whereby each period of sixty (60) minutes of ordinary Advisory Service is extended to ninety (90) minutes at the same price. Each set of 90 minutes are locked to a calendar month, and there's no possibility for a transfer of minutes beyond monthly transitions.

In order to access the benefits of the Subscription Service, the Client accepts a subscription period of twelve (12) months, termination prior to renewal being subject to written communication issued no later than thirty (30) days prior to such renewal. Should no termination notice be issued, the subscription shall renew for a period of twelve (12) months, commencing from the date of expiration for the prior Subscription Service.

Legafy Law reserves the right to adjust pricing upon renewal.

Extended Services

The Client has the right to require an extended volume of minutes to be included in the Subscription Service, such extension being subject to a corresponding increase in price.

For example, extending the included minutes from 90 minutes/month to 180 minutes/month shall incur a price of SEK 2,998,00/month.

Access to the Services

The Services are accessed through the issuance of a written notice (i.e. email) to an authorised representative of Legafy Law AB, who upon received of such notice shall have the right to either accept or deny the granting of Services. Access can also be granted through a verbal agreement which shall be confirmed in writing to take effect between the Parties.

Limitation of liability

Legafy Law AB assumes no responsibility for legal advice and/or legal documents that are produced for a specific purpose, where the Purchaser deviates from the stated purpose and implements the advice or the documentation in a situation unknown to Legafy Law AB.


In accessing the Services, the Client accepts to be charged via invoice, subject to specification in written confirmation upon the ordering of the specified Services

Invoices are issued with a thirty (30) day payment period.

Delayed payment is subject to default interest of 15% (on the invoicing amount including VAT) with commenced term from the regular payment date specified in the invoice.​


Legafy guarantees that relevant insurances for the provision of legal services are active and valid throughout the period whereby the Client is provided the Services.

Early termination

Legafy has the right to terminate the Clients Subscription Service in the event of misuse of the Services, such termination taking effect upon the issuance of written notice from Legafy Law AB.

In the event of early termination due to causes attributable to the Client or an entity affiliated to the Client, Legafy Law shall have the right to invoice the Client any charge that is due to be paid in regard to Services rendered under this Agreement.

The use of registered data 

See Privacy Policy.

Use of the Website 

The use of the Website is intended to simplify communication and the provision of the Services between Legafy Law AB and the Client. 


Each Party undertakes to observe confidentiality and not to disclose to third parties confidential information, which Party has received from the other Party in connection with the Agreement, regardless of the form or media in which the information is received or whether information is provided in writing or orally.  


Confidential information refers to such information that the Party has expressly stated to be confidential and all other information concerning the Party's activities, information of a commercial, financial, commercial and technical nature, information concerning products and development, trade secrets, know-how, information about personnel, consultants, customers and suppliers regarding each Party, the contents of this Agreement or information that may otherwise reasonably be considered confidential information by the disclosing Party.


The Party further undertakes not to use the other Party's confidential information for its own or anyone else's in any other way than for the fulfillment of the Party's obligations under the Agreement.


Each Party undertakes to disclose only confidential information to such subsidiaries, personnel, representatives (including auditors and legal advisers) and subcontractors, to whom disclosure is necessary for the Party to be able to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement. Each Party further undertakes to ensure that all such recipients for whom confidential information has been disclosed undertake to comply with the provisions on confidentiality in the Agreement.


Confidentiality does not apply to such confidential information as the receiving Party can show:

  1. at the time of receipt was already known to the receiving Party; or

  2. is or has become publicly available or known without the receiving Party violating the confidentiality obligation; or

  3. the receiving Party has duly obtained from a third party, provided that he is not bound by the obligation of confidentiality; or

  4. has been developed independently by the receiving Party without access to the confidential information; or

  5. it is the responsibility of the receiving Party to make it publicly available through court rulings, government decisions or other regulations in law

  6. The parties' confidentiality obligations under this provision shall continue to apply for a period of three (3) years from the termination of the Agreement.

The Receiving Party undertakes when the Agreement has expired and at the written request of the Holding Party to immediately destroy or return Confidential Information that the Receiving Party or representative has under its control together with all copies and other material originating in the confidential information.

The Receiving Party is aware that breaches of confidentiality obligations in this Agreement may cause harm to the Holder whose scope is difficult to oversee.

In the event of a breach of this Agreement, the Holder is entitled to a fine of SEK 150,000 for each case of the Recipient's breach of contract. The right to a fine does not prevent the Holder's right to compensation for damage that exceeds the amount of the fine, or the right to take other legal or contractual measures that are available to the Holder. The Recipient shall be deemed to have committed a breach of contract if he can not show that the circumstances surrounding the unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information were not due to the Recipient.

Change of contract content 

Changes in these General Terms that incur a liability or obligation on the behalf of the Client shall be communicated without delay.

​Complete agreement 

These General Terms and Conditions and the associated Privacy Policy (See here) constitute a complete regulation of the rights and  obligations that exist between Legafy and the Client. No oral agreements take precedence in relation to this content insofar as it has not been communicated in writing between an authorised representative of Legafy and the Client. Any change in the content of these terms and conditions shall be communicated to the Client in the manner stipulated under the heading "Change of Contract Content".  

Transfer of rights

Legafy Law AB owns the right to transfer the right to provide Services under this Agreement to any other third party of their choosing. Upon transfer follows that the Client is bound by the Agreement with the new owner in the same way as if Legafy Law AB would remain as the owner. 

Should the Client wish to transfer an active Subscription Service to a third party of their choosing, such transfer shall be subject to approval from Legafy.

Breach of Contract

If a Party takes action, directly or indirectly through a third party, whereby its obligations under the Agreement are substantially breached, then the breaching party shall compensate the other party for any damage that arises through the action. An opportunity is defined as an intentional act, either directly or indirectly by a third party, whereby damage is caused to the other party. In proving damage incurred, the infringed party shall present viable proof for the establishment of just grounds for the claim of compensation.

Applicable law & forum for dispute

Swedish law shall apply in regard to this Agreement, any disputes arising therefrom being subject to arbitration at the court of law in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Contact Us 

Reach out through the contact form on our website.

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