General Terms & Conditions


These general terms and conditions (the "Terms" / "Agreement") regulate the rights and obligations arising from the use of the services (the "Services") offered by Legafy Law AB via and (the "Website"). . The agreement clarifies the rights you as a user of the services ("Party", "Subscriber", "Customer", "Client", "you" "you") have towards Legafy Law AB ("Party", "Supplier", "we "," Our "," us "), as well as the measures we can take insofar as you do not comply with the obligations arising from the use of the services. Your rights in relation to the collection of personal data for the provision of the services and the functions of the Website can be found under "Privacy Policy".  

​Creation of users and approval of the General Terms & Conditions 

During your use, it is important that you understand the rights and obligations that govern your use. By registering a user account (the "Account") through the Website, you agree to the terms and content of this agreement. By deleting the Account, the Terms cease to regulate the relationship between you and Legafy Law AB.  


Legafy offers the Purchaser the services Legal on Demand (the "Subscription Service") and the Contract on Demand ("Contract Service"), respectively, which are collectively referred to as the "Services".

The subscription service

The subscription service is accessed through the acquisition of a package consisting of a number of sessions for business legal advice, "Service package". The service package is ordered through the Website and includes access to a number of sessions of business law advice specified in the Service Package, “Session Volume”.  

When ordering a Service Package, the Purchaser pays a monthly fee, which is charged at the beginning of each month. The session volume included in the Service Package is restored at the end of the month.

The sessions included in the Session Volume are used by booking an appointment via the Website and the User's Account and take place via telephone and virtual meetings.

A session consists of 30 minutes of counseling, which at the time of booking is deducted from the subscription's total Session Volume. Cancellations made within the specified time (see Booking Policy, available via the booking form) will result in the session being restored to the account.

If a question arises during an active session that cannot be answered without further investigation, Legafy shall inform the Purchaser of the need for such investigation. In doing so, Legafy shall estimate the number of sessions required to answer the Purchaser's question, including the session during which the question was presented. In connection with completed research and presentation of produced data, the actual number of sessions consumed for the purpose of producing the results of the research is communicated, which is then debited to the Purchaser's existing Session Volume. If the number of sessions consumed exceeds the Purchaser's existing Session Volume, the next period (month) Session Volume shall be reduced by the number of sessions that have exceeded the Purchaser's existing (per month current) Session Volume.


Started session during which the Purchaser's question is answered shall be considered consumed.

The contract service

The contract service gives the client the right to book a free consultative meeting whereby a specification is given regarding the type of contract service that is sought.


The contract service thus consists of either drawing up an agreement, reviewing, proposing amendments or updating existing agreements.


During the consultation, Legafy shall seek to provide a time and cost estimate for the requested service to the best of its ability. A quote must then be prepared according to the estimate given, but may, after communication from Legafy to the customer, refer to different statements. The order is considered to have commenced, whereby the Purchaser submits acceptance upon receipt of a quote, and is carried out within the specified time frame.


Any changes in time and cost statements must be communicated in writing between the Parties before the change is deemed valid.

Access to the Services

The subscription service is ordered and activated by registering the Purchaser's information, including payment information, through the registration form available via the Website.

​ By registering, an account is established for the Purchaser, which through the registration acts as a "Subscriber". The subscriber has the right to update his information through the account, access documents and update and change payment information.​

No registration and account creation is required for access to the Agreement Service. Appointments for free consultation for the purpose of completing the order can be agreed directly via email, telephone or virtual meeting, or booked through the Website.  


There is confidentiality between Legafy and the Purchaser in accordance with the secrecy provision in these terms.

Limitation of liability

Legafy assumes responsibility for legal advice and the preparation of documentation in the areas of law specified on the Website with the limitations that follow:

Legafy assumes no responsibility for legal advice and legal documents that are produced for a specified purpose, where the Purchaser deviates from the stated purpose and implements the advice or the documentation in a situation unknown to Legafy.

Conflict of interest

To the extent that several Clients use the Services for the purpose of entering into a binding agreement with each other, Legafy shall inform the respective Clients of the course of events that begins in the event of a conflict between the Clients.

If a dispute is initiated between the Client in connection with documentation or advice produced by Legafy, mediation shall primarily take place through Legafy. In such mediation, Legafy shall seek a joint solution that safeguards the interests of the parties involved.

In the event of such a conflict, each Purchaser shall have the right to consult another legal representative. Legafy further undertakes to inform any opposing representative of the course of events that has given rise to the dispute, to the extent that this is permitted by both parties.

Extended Services

An commenced use of a Subscription Service allows a right to upgrade to a Service Package containing a larger Session Volume within the same binding period.

If the Purchaser wishes to increase the Subscription Service's Session Volume, a request for such an extension must be submitted to Legafy.

If the Purchaser wishes to access a larger number of sessions without upgrading to a larger Service Package, the sessions shall be paid for according to an hourly fee of SEK 1,295.00 / per started hour.  for subscribers, and SEK 1,495.00 / hour for non-subscribers. ​


For access to the Subscription Service, the Purchaser charges a monthly fee specified when ordering the Services, the amount varies depending on the number of sessions that are included in the intended subscription.


The fee is charged monthly starting from the date when registration and confirmation of the subscription is given.

The contract service is charged according to the cost specification agreed in the quotation, and is invoiced with a fourteen (14) day payment period.

Delayed payment is subject to default interest of 15% (on the invoicing amount including VAT) with commenced term from the regular payment date specified in the invoice.

Subscription length

A Subscription to a Service Package begins with a (1) month trial period.

After the end of the probationary period, a twelve (12) month lock-in period begins according to the same cost as during the probationary period.

Contract Time & Closing

The subscription begins with a (1) month trial period. Termination during the trial period allows the subscription to end after the term of the month.

After the end of the trial period, a binding period of twelve (12) months begins, whereby the subscriber has the right to terminate the subscription with a thirty (30) day notice period. Termination takes place directly via the subscriber's account, or via email.

During the notice period, the Purchaser has the right to use the Subscription Service. Termination can also be made in writing to Legafy, whereby the termination takes effect from the date the recipient is registered.  

For the Contract Service, the services are considered terminated when payment for the ordered documentation has been made and no remaining changes have been agreed between the Parties.


Legafy guarantees that relevant insurances for the provision of legal services are active and valid during the term of the agreement.

Early termination

Legafy has the right to terminate the Purchaser's Subscription Service in the event of misuse of the Services by written notice thereof.  

Abuse can be equated with measures whereby the Purchaser repeatedly seeks access to counseling without making an appointment for a telephone call or virtual meeting.

The use of registered data 

See Privacy Policy.

Use of the Website 

The use of the Website is intended to simplify communication and the provision of the Services between Legafy Law AB and the Client. Through the Website, the Purchaser can register for and commence the use of the Services and upload documents in order to simplify the use of these services.

Obligation not to take action for the purpose of compromising the Website's content or intended purposes for use.

By establishing the Account on the Website, you undertake not to take action as  aims to impair the Website's security integrity. This involves attempts to convert, distort or access content beyond the content that Legafy Law AB intended the Client to gain access to through the creation of the Account. Furthermore, you undertake not to transfer the Account to third parties without the written consent of a competent representative at Legafy Law AB. Abuse in any of these  in this respect means that Legafy Law AB has the right to claim compensation for the damage that arises through the procedure. Damage may, but is not limited to, that Legafy Law AB due to abuse at the Client does not have the right to establish cooperation with a party who, if the abuse had not taken place, would otherwise have taken place.  

Website content

The website content is intended for the purpose clarified under the heading “The use of  The website ”. Content that is otherwise published by Legafy Law AB shall be considered to fall within this framework  content. The content is designed by Legafy Law AB and its associated service providers and  partner. The client undertakes not to take action in order to extract (from the Website export) the material found on the Website in the form of logos, marketing materials and similar content. Content or material belonging to a third party can also be found on the Website  party, the Client undertakes in the same way as refers to Legafy Law AB's material not to extract this.  


Each Party undertakes to observe confidentiality and not to disclose to third parties confidential information, which Party has received from the other Party in connection with the Agreement, regardless of the form or media in which the information is received or whether information is provided in writing or orally.  

Confidential information refers to such information that the Party has expressly stated to be confidential and all other information concerning the Party's activities, information of a commercial, financial, commercial and technical nature, information concerning products and development, trade secrets, know-how, information about personnel, consultants, customers and suppliers regarding each Party, the contents of this Agreement or information that may otherwise reasonably be considered confidential information by the disclosing Party.

The Party further undertakes not to use the other Party's confidential information for its own or anyone else's in any other way than for the fulfillment of the Party's obligations under the Agreement.

Each Party undertakes to disclose only confidential information to such subsidiaries, personnel, representatives (including auditors and legal advisers) and subcontractors, to whom disclosure is necessary for the Party to be able to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement. Each Party further undertakes to ensure that all such recipients for whom confidential information has been disclosed undertake to comply with the provisions on confidentiality in the Agreement.

Confidentiality does not apply to such confidential information as the receiving Party can show:

  1. at the time of receipt was already known to the receiving Party; or

  2. is or has become publicly available or known without the receiving Party violating the confidentiality obligation; or

  3. the receiving Party has duly obtained from a third party, provided that he is not bound by the obligation of confidentiality; or

  4. has been developed independently by the receiving Party without access to the confidential information; or

  5. it is the responsibility of the receiving Party to make it publicly available through court rulings, government decisions or other regulations in law

  6. The parties' confidentiality obligations under this provision shall continue to apply for a period of three (3) years from the termination of the Agreement.

The Receiving Party undertakes when the Agreement has expired and at the written request of the Holding Party to immediately destroy or return Confidential Information that the Receiving Party or representative has under its control together with all copies and other material originating in the confidential information.

The Receiving Party is aware that breaches of confidentiality obligations in this Agreement may cause harm to the Holder whose scope is difficult to oversee.

In the event of a breach of this Agreement, the Holder is entitled to a fine of SEK 150,000 for each case of the Recipient's breach of contract. The right to a fine does not prevent the Holder's right to compensation for damage that exceeds the amount of the fine, or the right to take other legal or contractual measures that are available to the Holder. The Recipient shall be deemed to have committed a breach of contract if he can not show that the circumstances surrounding the unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information were not due to the Recipient.

Change of contract content 

If there is a change in the content of the agreement regarding the terms of use of the Services (such as prices, number of minutes of advice, etc.) that regulate the use of the Services, the Client will be notified. The client has the right to delete his on such an occasion  user account if the change does not fall within the scope of the consent required for the use.  

Contract period and termination 

The content of the agreement and the bond between Legafy Law AB and the Client remains during that time period  as the Client holds a subscription with Legafy, which runs with a binding period of twelve (12) months after the probationary period of one (1) month has expired. The client has the right to terminate his  Account through the account profile or written request to Legafy, whereupon the settlement ceases to apply between Legafy Law AB and the Client as soon as the subscription's binding period has expired.

Delete user account 

Users who wish to delete the Account and its contents carry out such action through the Website and the Users account.  In addition, should the Client wish to request deletion of personal data stored as a result of use, this must be notified to Legafy Law AB. Notice of such request shall be given by use of the contact information contained at the bottom of this Agreement.  

​Complete agreement 

These General Terms and Conditions and the associated Privacy Policy (See here) constitute a complete regulation of the rights and  obligations that exist between Legafy and the Purchaser. No oral agreements take precedence in  in relation to this content insofar as it has not been communicated in writing between Legafy's CEO and the Purchaser. Any change in the content of these terms and conditions shall be communicated to the Client in the manner stipulated under the heading "Change of Contract Content".  


Legafy Law AB owns the right to transfer the Website and other activities to third parties. Upon transfer  follows that the Client is bound by the agreement with the new owner in the same way as with Legafy Law AB  remains the owner. 

The Client does not have the right to transfer the Subscription Service to any Party other than that specified in this Agreement. Use of Parties other than those specified herein shall be preceded by a written agreement between the Purchaser and Legafy, and shall relate to a predetermined number of third parties.

Claims for compensation as a result of the Client's misuse of the Website 

If the Client takes such action as is stipulated under the heading “Obligation not to take action for the purpose  to compromise the content of the application or its intended use ”or the like  measure aimed at impairing the Website's functioning or otherwise intended to harm  Legafy Law AB as an organisation, Legafy Law AB has the right to request compensation up to the amount that amends the damage that has occurred. The same applies if the Client has extracted the Website  content.


If the Client takes action in relation to the Website which aims to reduce or to prevent the Website from operating, Legafy Law AB has the right to demand compensation of SEK 100,000.00 on each occasion that such infringement occurs, not excluding further legal actions and claims due to the breach.

If a Party takes action, directly or indirectly through a third party, whereby its obligations under the Agreement are substantially breached, it shall compensate the other party for the damage that arises through the action. Compensation for the damage shall amount to the amount corresponding to the meaning of the damage for the other party, and if the amount is difficult to determine, to a minimum amount of SEK 150,000 per occasion. An opportunity is defined as an intentional act, either directly or indirectly by a third party, whereby damage is caused to the other party. If damages are paid in accordance with the amount of the fine and the actual damage can only be determined afterwards, the payment of the amount of the fine shall not create obstacles to claims for compensation up to the amount representing the actual effect of the damage, less fines paid.

Applicable law & forum for dispute

Swedish law is applied in the interpretation of this Agreement, and disputes regarding the content shall be dealt with in a general court in the City of Gothenburg.

Contact Us 

For any questions regarding the content of this agreement, you will find contact information below

Fredrik Stig Gustav Christofferson

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